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We are a professional bra supplier with several online and offline brands such as Desirelove, W L Intimates, Romantic Style, Romabra, Romals, and VadmirerW.
We have full experience with both online and offline selling.The brands like Desirelove sells online products at the websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, and Newegg.
Brands like Romantic Style and Romabra are best-selling offline brands, and we have over 200 different wholesalers and distributors in North America. The quantity of annually exported containers is over 60 to the United States and over 8 million products exported to the United States annually.
We also attend many professional International trade shows, such as the Las Vegas Magic Show, UK MODA in Birmingham, and Canton Fair.
Our brands earn the reputation in the United States. The brand radiates from the United States to North America such as Mexico and Canada, from Mexico to Central and South America such as Guatemala. And we will keep developing our market globally.

Happy customer says

These are PERFECT! I have been buying and trying new bras for a few weeks. I have sent ALL of the more expensive / name brand bras back because none have fit and felt right. And all were way too padded! Don't let the low cost of this bra set fool you, they are far superior to all the expensive ones I've tried! The look nice, feel wonderful, and offer plenty of support. I love these and am very grateful to have found them!

- justyanasim - Best bras ever!!